Immerse yourself in ritual and feminine embodiment practices to activated & align your heart and embody your truest self.


When I first started out on this journey I felt lost and confused and, at times, alone. There wasn't a lot of direction and it wasn't a conversation my friends were having, which made me feel even more separate.


However, something had awakened within me and slowly the synchronicities, next steps and people were coming along and I was saying 'yes' to things that were so unfamiliar and unknown, but it felt right at the same time, even if everything I knew was falling away.

For years I had a deep knowing that I wanted life to be different, but I felt stuck and I was in a pattern of repeating thoughts, feelings and behaviours that were keeping me stuck.


With only a belief that I was being led to believe in something greater than what I could see in front of me, and that if I let go of control and needing to 'know' I could learn the art of trust, surrender and worthiness.

Each step, teacher, book, quote, shift in perspective, a miracle on earth, drew me further away from what I had known and deeper to places that felt like peace, freedom and abundance, and they were all inside of me.


I want to show you how to release what is holding you back and awaken your heart as you explore self-connection to embody your truest self.

We are all capable of the transformations that are calling us inside, to uncover our truth, our worthiness and release the blocks to receiving love.
And we never need to do this alone, which is why this is a membership that is built on community - we work on ourselves, we share with each other and we grow together.
This is the magic recipe to receiving, to having and to be-ing.
Are you ready for more?

We are ready as women to allow ourselves to receive more, but we don't always know how.

Activate & Align has been created to fill that space, from the path of awakening and personal exploration and practices, bringing in the combination of holistic health and feminine practices that allow us to embody a new way of being.

Be-ing takes time, it takes consistent curiosity, uncovering and unlayering, which is why this is a monthly portal, giving us the time and space to really deep dive together each month into a new topic.


The library of content will grow and be there for you to continuously activate and align to your inner self and to embody who you truly are. 

Monthly Membership* with a new topic each month

Each topic is designed to activate your worthiness, find your voice and bring more connection and alignment into your life.

Live & recorded classes, Q&A, meditations, workbooks and community.

*50% discount for members for any events or workshops held outside of the portal.

Meet Carissa

Carissa is a women's embodiment mentor, naturopath and nutritionist. She is deeply passionate about holding space for women to connect to their sovereignty and worthiness, creating a magnetic force that is build on radical self-love, compassion and care.

Learning to integrate and create from this space opens us up to deeper relationships and connection, to ourself and others. Relationships will change when inner peace, boundaries and self-exploration uncovers all that has been blocking us from receiving what we truly desire.

In a space of community we come together, with Carissa teaching meditation, ritual and ceremonial practices that take us deeper into our inner wisdom and bring light to your shadows.


Each month we will explore a deeper practice that opens us up to more, more love, more compassion, more understanding, more life, providing you with the gifts and practices that create the foundations for living a heart centered life as you become the magnetic and worthy woman you know you are.

The Activate & Align Membership Portal will include:

Love & Relationships

Self-love, soul-love and the power of love in all relationships. What this looks like, feels like and how it impacts us when it is blocked.


Boundaries are an act of self-love and love for others. We learn the power of finding our voice and discovering how boundaries bring us closer together.

Radical Self-love

You are worthy and each choice you make, each thought you believe and each action you take can be made from a place of radical self-love.

Awaken & Align is a monthly portal with classes, lessons, meditations and rituals to awaken your inner feminine, bring you back to your body and align you to your worth so you can become a magnet for all of your desires.

Inner Work

Where do we start, what does it look like and how does it evolve as we peel back the layers and review the stories that we have been holding on to. This is self-healing that becomes collective healing.

Deeper Clarity

Confusion, overwhelm, repeating patterns, perfectionism, anxiety, fear, anger, grief, surrender, they are all showing us a message and hold a purpose. We will deep dive to bring clarity to your heart and mind.

Process & Integration

How do we process and integrate our emotions, where are they coming from and what can we do to create a safe space of inner peace and personal growth with a deeper awareness of self and others.

Being in community is powerful, we grow through vulnerability, authenticity and connection with our truest self in a safe space that encourages curiosity and exploration.

Ritual & Ceremony

Lunar practices, daily rituals and ceremonies. Learn a new way of tuning in and creating from a space of awareness and worthiness that is built on a deep foundation of radical self-love and care.

Feminine Embodiment

Masculine, feminine, what does it mean and how do we integrate both parts of ourselves. Embodiment work opens us up to a new way of being that comes from a space of wholeness.

Community & Support

Get access to our private Facebook group and connect with like hearted souls around the world. If you're looking for support on your path, we're here

You are a magnetic being who is worthy of deep love, clear communication and self-creation and watching the ripple effect this creates in your life.

Activate & Align Membership Portal

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