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eBooks & Courses

Here you will find self-guided content.

This includes programs and courses that were previously held live, eBooks and webinars to support your mindset, health and life.

Seasonal Reset

Seasonal Reset eBook: this is a gentle, holistic, real food, mind, body & soul reset created by a Naturopath, to support you as you ease your body into a new season; it could be from winter to spring or summer to autumn.


This eBook has 80+ pages, over 40 recipes, plus journaling prompts, mindset support and gentle guidance to increase your self-care, and NOW only $10!

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Hormone & Adrenal Reset

This is a 12-week program that was originally run live, and now available to you as a self-study program and you can get the full 12-week program for only $99!

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