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Online Women's Circle Tuesday 30th May 730pm (Instagram Story) (Banner (Landscape)).png

Becoming a woman who holds space for and facilitate women through sharing of knowledge and wisdoms, creating a space of connection, growth and vulnerability is an honour and it is one you are being called forward towards.

Sacred Circle

Women all over the world have been coming together as a sisterhood - for deeper connection with self and with others - and women's circles are now being recognised for the sacred offering that they are - a safe space in which to explore who you are and to experience safety in community, communication, finding your voice and learning what it feels like to be with likeminded women who are open, vulnerable and wise.

Wether you have attended a circle or want to start them, a circle is a place where you can traverse different themes of inner exploration - with connection to nature, the seasonal cycles, the moon, archetypes, the 5 elements, self-care, self-love, self-trust and all of the rites of passage in life, having the knowledge and wisdom of creating unique and engaging circles will enhance your life and those who are in receivership of your craft.

This Sacred Circle training is a combination of learning and embodiment. We will begin with learning that is delivered in the form of a circle structure that you can experience and we will dive into beautiful themes and wisdoms for all levels of experience and knowledge.


The more you do the more you embody and with anything new I am inviting you to arrive curious and interested in being an explorer of your own inner tapestry and genius to curate and facilitate an online circle for the group so that you learn through the art of doing, and in the doing you become - you become more you, more confident, more aware, more open, more embodied as a leader, facilitator and guide.

Online Women's Circle Tuesday 30th May 730pm (Instagram Story) (Banner (Landscape)) (2).pn

What's included:

Over 12 weeks this beautiful container will include:


  • 4 weeks of zoom calls with deep dive learning with templates and experiential learning.

  • Lessons on archetypes, elements, seasons and weaving in the sacred invitation of holding a circle.

  • Lessons on structure vs self-trust.

  • Lessons on vulnerability, sharing and sharing as a leader.

  • Lessons on creating from your personal inner guide.

  • Lessons on in-person and online circles.

  • 8 weeks group mentoring for integration and creation in a private Facebook group.

Online Women's Circle Tuesday 30th May 730pm (Instagram Story) (Banner (Landscape)) (4).pn

Who is this for?

  • You are wanting to learn or finesse your confidence in leading a circle.

  • You would love guidance and structure as you get started.

  • You want to experience leading circle and being mentored as you learn.

  • You want to create beautiful experiences that create connection and safety for women new to sharing.

  • You want a library of themes, tools and knowledge that you can experience and embody and then share.

  • You would love to learn about archetypes and how they can be weaved into your circle space.

  • You want to learn aspects of seasonal circles, connecting to the elements.

  • You want to strengthen your self-trust and embodiment of leading others.

  • You want to learn in-person and online circles.

Online Women's Circle Tuesday 30th May 730pm (Instagram Story) (Banner (Landscape)) (4).pn

Every woman is your sister, treat her accordingly.

We begin this round on Tuesday May 23rd with a live zoom teaching. We will complete 4 x 90-minute zoom calls and mentoring will continue within your private Facebook group for 8-weeks as you curate, create, explore and deliver your first women's circle.

All calls are recorded if you cannot make them live.

Payment options are below - with pay in full and payment plan available. 


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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