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Carissa consults with clients online via Zoom

Consultations include Naturopathic & Nutrition Consultation and Holistic Health Coaching to incorporate mindset and personal growth and development for full mind / body transformation.

Select your Package or Individual Consultation and choose a date and time suitable to you.

If you require a time that is out of standard hours, please get in touch to discuss.


A deposit may be requested which you will pay online at time of booking.

Please note that there is a 24 hour cancellation policy that can be read in your booking form and on the Terms of Service at the bottom of the page.

Booking Packages

If you have struggled with making changes and/or you want a deeper holistic journey to uncover who you are in the process, a package is for you as it provides you with the foundation or a personalised Naturopathic Health Plan and the expansiveness of Holistic Health Coaching.


Where we start

We talk and confirm this is right for you, then you book your first appointment time. You will receive an initial intake form, and a food plan. If you have any recent medical records or lab tests, please bring these to your initial consultation.


Initial Comprehensive Health Intake Consultation (60-90 minutes)

This session is to talk in depth about you and your health, and explore any tests you have brought in with you.  You'll tell me your goals and I will take all of this information to create your Health Plan.


Individualised Health Plan & First Follow-up (60 minutes)

I take all of the information you have provided me and I work to uncover the roots causes and connections between your symptoms and the outline of your health plan, against your goals, comes to life. We will work together in your first follow-up session to discuss your health plan, the imbalances we are addressing and confirm you are comfortable to move ahead. You will then receive the required nutritional supplementation and herbal support alongside lifestyle and nutrition recommendations in a full comprehensive plan that we review as we are going along. 

Additional Follow-up Consultations (60 minutes each)

Each fortnight we will meet to review your progress, discuss your challenges and celebrate your wins. We will also have weekly check-in and accountability via email in-between sessions. I have got you.

Terms of Services


All bookings are made online via the consultation or package you require below.

All consultations and coaching sessions take place at HEALth HQ at Erina or online via Zoom.

Acute Consultations can take place in-person, over Zoom or on the phone (billed in 15-minute intervals)


Consultations can be booked individually or you can sign up for a 1:1 package that includes weekly support, check-ins and Holistic Health Coaching as an ongoing commitment to your health and lifestyle goals.

Please review the terms for each package before you commit as there no refunds for any packages or services.

Health Fund Rebates

I am a member of the ATMS. Private health insurance rebates are available for Nutrition consultations in-person depending on which health care provider you are with and the level of cover you have selected.

I do not have HICAPS, however you will receive an invoice or receipt on payment with an itemised list of services

to take to your provider to claim for your rebate.


If you do wish to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please note there is a 24-hour cancellation policy. If 24 hours notice is not given or you miss your appointment, a charge of $50 (or your deposit) will be applied as a missed appointment fee. I would love to see every patient possible, therefore it is inconvenient when patients cancel at the last minute. Thank you for your consideration.

Appointment Types

What happens, when and how often do they happen and what type should I book for me?


Initial Consultation

(Please allow 1 hour)

Initial questionnaire includes: full health history, medications, supplements, nutrition, lifestyle, health concerns and goals

Examinations: iridology, tongue, nails, blood pressure.

Lifestyle and nutrition advice and prescription recommendations to take home on the day.

Comprehensive, individualised, nutrition and lifestyle program as part of your health plan.

Functional and pathology testing ordered, as required.

Following this a full health plan will be created for you and presented at your /First Follow up Appointment in 1-2 weeks.

First Follow-up Appointment

(Allow 45 minutes)


Your first follow-up appointment is scheduled 1-2 weeks after your initial appointment. 

The first follow-up appointment is to present your full health plan in alignment with your short & long term health goals, including any findings from your initial consultation and results from any tests that we ordered.


Follow-up Appointments

(Book 30 minute or 45 minute Follow-up)​


Follow-up appointments are scheduled between 2-6 Weeks apart depending on your treatment needs. In your follow-up appointments we will track your progress, make any required adjustments to your treatment plan, refill your script for herbs and supplements, answer any questions you may have and discuss any other health issues.

Where required we will (re)order functional and pathology tests to track your progress.

Acute Consultations

(Booked and billed in 15 minute slots)​

Acute consultations are for any non-chronic issues that have appeared, such as cold and flu, sinus, hayfever, headache, short term stress and / or sleep issues, some skin issues or you require time with me to discuss your treatment plan in-between appointments. 

You may be prescribed herbal medicine and / or nutritional supplements.


(Please refer to each package for further details)

A package includes initial and follow-up consultations, as well as weekly check-in for accountability, Holistic Health Coaching (this is tailored to your personal requirements and may include coaching on areas such as self-love, boundaries and mindset), and unlimited email access during the time-frame of your package.

When you purchase a package you also receive discounted herbal formulas and supplements from my online dispensary (I use prescribed in your treatment plan.

A package gives you full support for body, mind and soul during your health transformation.

Please be sure to choose the package right for you as there are no refunds for change of mind, this is clearly set out here and in the Terms & Conditions on this website.

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