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Human Design Readings & Mentoring

Human Design is your personal blueprint for living life authentically


Human Design is your personal blueprint; a map to living authentically as you as you unlock the ways to use your energy in alignment to your design.

Human Design shows us where we may be living out of alignment, why we may be feeling frustrated, confused, unsatisfied and continuously searching for the one thing to make it all make sense.

What would it feel like to know within yourself how you make decisions, and how to work effectively with your partner, your children and your business colleagues?


What if there were answers within your design that shows you the way to unlock your purpose and to give you answers to those questions you are asking yourself about yourself?

Many people are looking for their purpose in life, however in Human Design we start with understanding and living in your energy type, making decisions from your correct authority and unravelling the conditioning that happens in our centres.

You may want to know:


  • About your energy type and how your profile is meant to live in the world.

  • What it means for you to be in relationships (with yourself, your family and the collective) to thrive?

  • Why you connect more easily / deeply with certain people.

  • Why you keep repeating certain patterns and how to change that.

  • Why you feel so exhausted doing some things and energised doing others.

Human Design is a limitless deep dive into ourselves and others. Add in the Primary Health System, which goes into your ideal environments, differentiation, how you consume life, and much more, alongside the contemplation of the Gene Keys (your gates) and the ever changing Astrology impacts and you are will forever be learning, engaging with your uniqueness and those around you.


When you dive into your design with a reading and unlock how to authentically align to your energy and engage correctly with the world around you, you will feel yourself letting go of old ways with more ease as you continuously create feel-good moments that evolve through you from the inside-out!


What is Human Design?


Human Design is a master system that includes ancient wisdom and modern science:


  • I’Ching (an ancient Chinese spiritual text that includes 64 energetic hexagrams which also connect to our 64 codons of DNA)

  • Astrology (our date and time of birth determines our Design and our Personality)

  • The Kabbalah (Tree of Life)

  • Chakras (there are 9 energy centres)

  • Neutrinos (these are the solar and star imprints we receive 

  • Genetic coding (linking to the 64 codons)


The layers of Human Design allow us to learn about ourselves over and over, we start with illuminating where you are not being your unique self and provide a roadmap on how to start the process of deconditioning and what it feels like being YOU.


The way Human Design opens up our minds and cellular imprint to show us who we can be, and who we just are, is an open invitation to be yourself, and to show you how you uniquely work in relationships, creativity, business, intuition and decision making - you discover new experiences just by learning to be you.

Why do I need to know about deconditioning?

Deconditioning is something we are all subjected to, through family, peers, society, church, communities, etc. as we are growing up. We take on what we are told about how to be, what makes someone successful, how we should feel and behave, and how (not) to process our emotions, for example.

Within your design you have 9 (Chakra) centres, which are either defined (coloured) or open (white). Each centre has an energy that can show us if we have a 'healthy' or 'unhealthy' centre, meaning that if we are conditioned here or being our 'not-self' then we can find ourselves feeling stuck, confused, unable to understand our process our emotions, having reoccurring illnesses or issues with our health, for example.

When we start to decondition and create healthy choices that open up the flow of energy in these centres, life feels different and responds differently to us.

Your health, relationships, business, life, improves as the old stories and patterns fall away and you begin living in energetic alignment.

What do I ask in a human design reading?


Human Design has layers, and the more you live in energetic alignment with these layers as they can be applied to your life, the more you will find out about yourself and unlock the next layer of your blueprint.


If you are starting out, you may just want to have insight into what your energy type is, and how to live with your authority and how to tell when you are on or off track.


As you start to learn what that feels like, you may want to know about how you can thrive in relationships, business, creativity or even if you have been applying your focus and energy to the wrong places.


Human Design can show us the gifts and talents that others can see in us, but we cannot (our design).


The gold that comes from moving into energetic correctness by deconditioning through our centres is where you will find your forward motion comes into completeness. 


Then we can move into the Primary Health System and how we live, interact and consume life.


This truly is a whole life approach to energetic alignment and living your fullest potential.


Questions for you to consider when you are providing your Chart Reading questions to me:


  • What do you want to know about your personalised chart?

  • What are you struggling with in life at the moment that you want more clarity on?

  • What do you find is easeful in how you live your life?


Examples of where you may want to focus with your questions:


  • What is my energy type, and how do I live correctly in this energy?

  • Why am I always so tired?

  • What does it look like to make decisions from my authority and / or strategy?

  • Why do I change my mind so much?

  • What does it look like when I am in energetic alignment, and when I am not?

  • What does my profile tell me about myself?

  • Why do I change my mind so much?

  • Why do I feel unseen?

  • How does my design impact my relationships? 

  • How can I be less reactive?

  • What do I need to learn?

  • Why do I feel so frustrated?

  • Why do I feel so overwhelmed?

  • Why do I feel more connected to others?

  • What is the best way for me to use my energy?

  • How am I meant to show up, be, and grow, in relationships?

  • How do I support my partner / family / children in their design? (contact to book a family reading)

  • What does my design mean for my business / career?

  • How do I best show up with my ideas and creativity?

  • What makes me feel good / seen / successful in my work?

  • What environment best supports me?

  • Why do I keep repeating certain things (insert what that is)?

  • Where is my design impacting my health? (explain what that feels like) What are the patterns you play out here?

  • Where am I not in energetic correctness, and how so I move into energetic correctness?

  • What is the difference between defined and undefined centres?

  • How do I use my energy correctly?


You can find your Human Design Chart here for free: You need your Date of Birth + Time of Birth + Place of Birth to get an accurate chart. The time of birth is very important.

Human Design Readings

You need your Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth.

You can download a free copy of your Chart at

Please note that I require time prior to your booking to review your information and chart, so your preferred booking time for the live session may change.  You will be contacted to organise another suitable time if this is the case. 

*All prices inclusive of GST

Human Design Readings

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