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Welcome to our appointment booking platform. This is where you can take the next step towards prioritising your health, mindset and wellbeing and unlocking your full potential. Whether you're seeking naturopathy or nutrition guidance, coaching support, or exploring one of my transformative programs, this is where you can book a day and time that suits you.

Choose Your Session:

Naturopathy or Nutrition: Book an Initial Consultation to address your specific health concerns and receive a personalised treatment plan to support your goals. If this is a return appointment you can book a Follow-up or an Acute Consultation.

Acute Consult: if you have any acute health concern, you can book this session to receive safe & effective
herbal, nutritional, homeopathic remedies and lifestyle suggestions to support your current needs. This is available to current clients between appointments or anyone who needs acute care.

Coaching Single Session: You can schedule a single coaching session to gain clarity, guidance, and support in overcoming challenges, setting goals, and cultivating a mindset for success. These sessions are embodiment based, where we move through any frozen tension to bring flow and answers for your next step.


Private Mentoring: Longer term private mentoring is available in 3 month blocks. This style of mentoring supports your life, health, spiritual, mental, and emotional growth. With guidance through WhatsApp and fortnightly 1:1 sessions via zoom, utilising somatic embodiment coaching to create lasting change and inner safety. Having a mentor a message away to help you navigate life's challenges is life-changing. To apply, please email:

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Carissa is a member of ATMS and is registered with most private health funds for Nutrition-based consultations only.

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