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5 Tips To Boost Your Mood Naturally

+ what may be causing your low mood in the first place

I have 5 lifestyle tips that you can make to improve your mood naturally, specifically related to improving your serotonin levels.

There is more happening in the world right now than we are used to processing, and we may be making lifestyle choices that are suppressing our ability to produce sufficient levels of neurotransmitters, and when that comes to serotonin it has a key mind-gut correlation.

Your way of processing your current stress may have led to changes to your eating habits, your exercise routine may have taken a dive, you may be stuck inside more than ever and your self-care activities are Netflix and wine.

If you are feeling that your mood is continuously staying low and you want to improve your inner resilience and mood by way of increasing your serotonin production and your mental wellness, here are 5 tips you can implement today and start boosting your mood naturally.*

5 tips for boosting your mood naturally:

  1. Improve your gut health and digestive processes

  2. Move your body - exercise is key for mental health

  3. Get outside in the sunshine - UV sunlight 

  4. Massage - a self-massage also works here - check out Abhyanga 

  5. Eat more protein and wholefoods 

* These tips are general and not specific to your individual current or historical health history. If you are experiencing significant mood changes please book an appointment with a health practitioner to determine individual specific support for your needs.


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