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The intersection of health, mindset, and emotions in perimenopause.

A time for self-reflection and gentle care.

Perimenopause brings about significant changes in the physical, mental, and emotional health of women.

Many recognize the onset of perimenopause through symptoms like hot flashes, weight gain, and aches and pains. However, given the comprehensive shift in the endocrine system—not solely reproductive hormones—perimenopause often profoundly affects mood, emotions, and stress management.

It's vital to adopt a holistic approach to health during this phase, not only focusing on nutrition, exercise, and stress management but also examining how emotions are processed and, for many, how they manifest in the body.

Embracing inner work and intentional living

When emotions seem overwhelming, they provide an opportunity for self-reflection and inner exploration.

Pause and observe:

  • How is your nervous system responding?

  • Are you reacting or responding?

  • Do recurring themes demand your attention?

  • Is there something you've brushed aside that now demands acknowledgment?

Perimenopause prompts a reevaluation of priorities, boundaries, values, and goals. What changes can you make to foster deeper self-awareness and self-compassion?

Practicing gentle self-care

Evaluate your current self-care routine: Does it truly nurture body and soul?

If mindfulness or meditation feels challenging due to a busy mind, remember, meditation isn't about halting thoughts. Do you engage in journaling, walking, or spending time in nature?

Setting boundaries and honoring needs

Identify areas where boundaries need adjustment or implementation. Perhaps you've never established boundaries—now's the time to articulate your desires and communicate needs.

While physical changes are prominent, mental and emotional aspects are equally crucial.

For a deeper dive into emotional changes, consider our "Passage: Preparing for Perimenopause," Tiny Course.

If you're interested in exploring somatic body work and processing emotions through the body, consider feminine embodiment sessions or mentoring for invaluable support during this transformative phase.



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