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Nourishing ourselves through Autumn & Winter

Updated: May 14

A holistic approach to health and wellness.

Summer has finally come to an end, especially where I am on the Central Coast of NSW. It was a long and glorious extended warm season here. And now, the warm air has been replaced with the crispness of autumn, the sunsets have a golden glow to them that feels deeper, and somehow more gentle. It's truly my favourite season.

It's the season where we transition from 'out there' doing lots of outdoors adventures, to being more cozy, grounded and inside, as the days are shorter and the nights longer.

It's also 'seasonal illness' season which makes autumn the perfect time to reevaluate our approach to health and wellness.

The focus is to create a self-care practice that is nourishing, warming, gentle and strengthening the body for the cooler months ahead.

As a naturopath, nutritionist and whole health mentor, I always focus on whole health:

  • What is in season?

  • What changes in my routine due to the change in weather?

  • How can I improve my gut and immune health to stay resilient in the seasonal illness months?

  • Where do I need to strengthen mindset, and mindfulness? (some people really struggle with SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder - so it's important to prepare for this)

  • What would make this a healthy Autumn / Winter?

Often as the cooler seasons start we do less, and we look for more comforting foods.

This makes sense as the comforting foods are seasonal: root vegetables, grounding, and they are naturally heavier than the light salads and berries of summer.

There is however a connection between what we eat and how our body responds in these months that I think is important to note:

Sugar / high carb meals will suppress your immune system.

Now, I am all for beautiful fruit cobblers and crumbles in winter (frozen berries and winter apples are a great combination here), and there are ways to make these autumn / winter comforts with a healthful spin on it.

If, however, you tend to find yourself picking up every cold that goes by, you struggle to shift it within a week or two (max) or you just get better and you are unwell again, watching your intake of chocolate, sugary sweets, cakes, pastries, ice cream, fruit juices, etc will be important for you.

The research I have found states that our immune system is suppressed for around 20 minutes after we take in something high in sugar, so ensuring you have a mostly wholefoods intake and eating something sweet with your meal rather than on its own, will make a difference.

Autumn is a transitional season

Autumn is a time of transition, not only in nature but also within our bodies.

The cooler weather and changing daylight can impact our energy levels, mood, and overall wellbeing. That’s why it’s crucial to adopt a holistic approach to health; one that addresses our physical health and also our mental and emotional health.

Whole foods are the cornerstone of a healthy diet, providing essential nutrients that support our immune system, energy production, and overall vitality. By filling our plates with a colourful selection of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins, we can nourish our bodies from the inside out.

However, true health extends beyond what we eat.

Self-care practices play a vital role in maintaining balance and resiliency in our lives. Whether it’s carving out time for meditation, having a relaxing bath, or taking a leisurely walk in nature whilst the sun is out, having a focus on self-care allows us to recharge and rejuvenate body, mind and soul.

Building a resilient mind and body has a ripple effect on our emotional strength, our immune strength and our overall capacity to feel calmer in the chaos and challenges that life inevitably throws our way.

In the month of May the theme in the Nourished Woman Collective is 'building resilience and inner strength' and we do this through self-care, journaling and inner reflection practices. I also provide a teaching at the start of the month, a live Q&A and beautiful wholefoods kitchen remedies and nutrition - it's a whole mind, body and soul experience to help you feel more nourished as a woman and when we feel resilient we feel stronger, we feel more calm, capable and confident in all areas of life; something I know so many women want to feel.

Join me in the Nourished Woman Collective to explore the power of whole foods, self-care and embodiment practices all focused on nurturing our bodies and minds as we transition through the physical and life seasons of being a woman.



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