Exclusive Services

I am a multi-faceted human and practitioner. I am a Manifesting Generator 2/4 profile and a Vessel of Love Incarnation Cross - what that means is I hold space for myself and others from a place of love, and I am multi-passionate, so don't wait around too long for things to stay the same over here.

You get the benefit of years of experience, plus a range of modalities that I can call on. Choose where you want to start, and we will go from there.

If you want to only focus on your physical health, this is the place to start, but do know that these sessions are holistically focused so it is never just about what you eat or how you sleep. Lifestyle, mindset changes are a must. And if you want someone to hear you, this is the space to be.


This is where you can learn what the mechanics are about your Human Design, as well as your Gene Key components to start on your journey of deconditioning and contemplation. I can give you the facts - your HD mechanics - and/or we can go through the other aspects of your chart with a deeper flow of mentoring and soul guidance that comes through. Remember, I am a Vessel of Love and I have an open head, ajna and solar plexus, so I can take your thoughts and feel your feels and help you to see and feel them in new ways.


This is for taking all of those unwanted, repetitive thoughts, patterns, beliefs and behaviours and shedding new light on when, why and how they started, and then we allow the body to process the emotions in a safe and structured way. This can be a stand alone therapy but it also works beautifully with HD and Naturopathy practices for a full experience of support mind, body and soul. 

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Let's Work Together

Choose where you want to start and make your booking. If you aren't sure where you want to start, send a message to hello@carissacrosdale.com and we will help you.