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Passage: a gentle transition through perimenopause and menopause


Passage has been created for the woman who is heading towards her 40s and wants to feel empowered and educated on what is happening to her body and mind as she transitions into perimenopause. Our Tiny Courses are created to be short and informative, with a comprehensive and practical approach through lessons, handouts, worksheets, and Passage has a practical and personal implementation plan for you to follow and create to assist your navigation through this transitional period. This program will suit you if you are a woman with a cycle, early or medically induced menopause, or you have had a hysterectomy and kept your ovaries. Passage will provide you with the information you need to know and steps you can take to feel empowered and confident all the way through to menopause and beyond. Does this sound like you? You are a woman in your 40s, or about to enter your 40s You may have heard about perimenopause, but you don’t know much about it or what it means You may have heard about perimenopause, but you don’t know much about it or what it means You want a holistic approach to your health with easy to implement practices What this course will give you: An understanding of what hormones are affected by perimenopause An understanding of how your body may respond to these hormone changes How to identify which hormones are causing your symptoms, and how nutrition and lifestyle changes can help An understanding of the spiritual side of menopause Holistic health solutions and an implementation plan What you will receive when you enroll: Immediate access to the 6 tiny lessons + holistic health solutions and implementation plan with a total watch time of about an hour 6 worksheet templates that will help you to explore signs and symptoms, how to identify practical changes to implement and journaling questions to review and explore your journey to menopause Access to watch or listen to your program on an app Access to a private community.

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Passage, $200.00

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