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Metabolic Balance

Are you a woman 35+ who is in the midst of perimenopausal changes and feeling the shifts in your mood, hormones, weight, energy, and you want to unlock the secrets to feeling more energised, have better sleep, release perimenopause weight and feel the best you have in years?

I have the answer for you!

The women who thrive through perimenopause and beyond know that the power of preventative health begins in the kitchen and this is personalised for you!

Metabolic Balance is for the woman who is ready to feel her most radiant, vibrant, energised and thriving self and knows that prioritising her health is the way to get there.

Are you on the path of wanting to know yourself more? Maybe things have changed recently and you feel like your physical body isn't keeping up with all that you want to do and who you want to be.


Have you tried everything that used to work and now you are ready to take a step towards something new?  I get it, I was there too, and believe me when I tell you that you know when it is time to Liberate yourself from the past and create mind-body freedom!

This Metabolic Balance program is not just a food program, it is a mind-body program that focuses on using food as medicine to bring balance to hormones, improve metabolic pathways for weight release and give you the foundational tools that create mind and body shifts that come from making simple adjustments with your nutrition.


We use blood pathology to identify your metabolic markers to determine the foods that will bring about the physical changes you desire, such as improving your metabolic health to release unwanted weight, improving sleep and sleep quality, giving you more energy, better skin tone and health, your hormones, your gut health, your digestive health and so much more.


Who is this for?

  • You are noticing changes to your mood, and you feel more irritable and grumpy.

  • You have notice your weight increasing (especially around your waist and midsection).

  • Sleep is erratic and maybe you are experiencing hot flushes at night or during the day.

  • You are always fatigued and nothing seems to work to feel more energised.

  • Your hair is a little thinner and your skin tone is changing. 

  • There are more aches and pains showing up.

  • You feel more unmotivated, and less inspired to do things to change that.

  • Weight you used to shift with ease will no longer budge.

  • Everything you used to do no longer works.

You are fed-up, too tired to keep looking for answers and being told there is nothing wrong with you and you want a solution that works!

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What to expect:

  • Release of inflammation and joint pain

  • Resolve insulin resistance through food

  • Release weight (around 10kg in the first 12 weeks for most women)

  • Targets peri- and menopausal hormonal weight gain

  • Can be done with HRT and medications

  • Feel happier and more confident in your body

  • Get back into your favourite clothes 

  • Fast and lasting results

  • Changes that go beyond food

  • A simple and delicious new way of eating that will also save you money

  • Full support from Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist & Master NLP Practitioner

You can choose your level of support that feels right for you.


What is included:

  • 12 week program delivered through 4 Phases

  • Weekly 1:1 check-ins for 6 weeks, then we move to fortnightly for 6 weeks

  • A weekly check-in sheet to help you stay on track, monitor and celebrate your weekly achievements

  • Option to add-on WhatsApp support

  • Personalised eating plan based on pathology with Metabolic Balance

  • Hormonal balancing, anti-inflammatory and improved digestion through wholefoods

  • A 12-week program and resource library with education around mindset, mindfulness, hormones, digestion, emotional eating, stress and how it affects the body and much more.

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Metabolic Balance is a personalised whole foods nutrition program where we use your blood test results to find the foods that are right for you.

Having a healthy and balanced metabolism is fundamental to your health and vitality. Over time metabolic disorders can result in unwanted weight gain and this can lead to diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, or you may be on reaching your 40s and perimenopause has started (did you know that perimenopause can happen for around 10-years before you reach menopause-proper?). This can be exacerbated by not knowing what to eat, trying every diet or healthy eating plan and struggling to make changes stick.


The right change in your mindset alongside eating the right foods and moving the body, correctly for where you are at, can bring the metabolism back to its original healthy set-point and have you feeling amazing - focused, energised, flexible and inspired by your health and your life.


I have created the ultimate mind-body combination alongside Metabolic Balance. By utilising your personalised Metabolic Balance plan with NLP language and mindset tools, therapeutic hypnosis and all led by myself, a Naturopath, Master Coach and Mentor and Feminine Embodiment Coach, you receive an all-round reset and liberation of YOU!


A balanced metabolism will:

  • promotes and supports your health

  • enhances sleep, increasing vitality and performance

  • increases your resilience in your daily life and work

  • rebalances your acidity/alkalinity levels

  • helps you achieve and maintain your desired weight

  • brings renewed energy and general well being

  • improves your quality of life

To get started choose your Liberate journey option below, then book a Discovery Call via the link at the bottom of the page.


"I feel amazing, clearer, more energy and my moods have been calmer."
"So great! So much lighter, no bloating, no brain fog, sleeping better, my skin is calming down, daily headaches gone."
"I feel amazing!! Inspired, motivated, excited and focused'"

Choose Your Metabolic Balance Journey


12 week program

This covers all of the foundations you need to make great changes that last:

  • Blood pathology for metabolic markers

  • Personalised Metabolic Balance plan

  • 6 weekly check-ins

  • 6 fortnightly check-ins

  • 12 weekly holistic health lessons, workbooks + handouts

  • Meditations & hypnosis


Add on: WhatsApp Support

This is an optional add-on for you if you want and need a little more personalised support as you get started.


You get me in your backpocket i.e. your phone for the first 6 weeks. This support can help ease the transition of change, especially if you worry about old habits that you may have struggled to change in the past.

Includes ALL of Option 1 PLUS:


  • 6 weeks private WhatsApp

Metabolic Balance

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