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Castor Oil Wrap Meditations

Welcome to The Botanical Apothecary Co Wellness Community, where we believe in slow living and connecting with the power of nature to support your health and vitality. I am excited to introduce you to our handmade castor oil wraps to promote holistic wellbeing from the inside out. As a token of my appreciation for your purchase, I am delighted to offer you complimentary access to my exclusive meditation collection. These guided meditations are designed to complement your experience with your castor oil wrap, by creating a beautiful self-care ritual with time out for you, these meditations are designed to further enhance your overall wellness and inner peace.

Explore the meditation options below and enjoy your rejuvenating self-care ritual.


Healing Energy Meditation

Connect with the healing energy within you as you visualise the  castor oil permeating your body, promoting healing and restoration.


Chakra Balancing Meditation

Align and balance your body's energy centres with this guided meditation, incorporating specific visualisations and affirmations to harmonise your chakras and enhance your well-being.


Womb Healing Meditation

Nurture and support your reproductive health with this gentle meditation, designed to create a sacred space for healing and renewal within the womb and pelvic area.


Stress Relief Meditation

Release tension and stress from your body and mind with this soothing meditation, guiding you to let go of worries and cultivate a sense of calm and tranquility.


Manifestation Meditation

Harness the power of intention and manifestation with this guided meditation, helping you to visualize your goals and aspirations with clarity and focus, empowering you to manifest your dreams into reality


Thyroid Balancing Meditation

Restore balance to your thyroid gland with this meditation, incorporating visualizations and affirmations to harmonize the function of your thyroid, supporting overall thyroid health and vitality.


Fibroid Healing Meditation

Embrace a sense of healing and empowerment with this meditation, designed to address the challenges of fibroids by fostering a mindset of resilience, acceptance, and inner peace, supporting your journey towards healing and well-being.


Liver Detoxification Meditation

This guided meditation focuses on visualizations and affirmations to support the detoxification process in your liver, helping to cleanse and rejuvenate this vital organ for optimal health and vitality.

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