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Meet Carissa

Naturopath, Nutritionist + Holistic Embodiment Coach

Carissa is a fully qualified Online Naturopath, Nutritionist and Holistic Embodiment Coach.

Carissa is committed to empowering clients to take the role of self-healer by providing them with the education and support they need to enhance and improve their health and life. She will hold the space for you to transform into your best version.

No transformation happens in one session, which is why Carissa lets her clients know that your transformation needs a 3-12 month commitment from you, she will meet you half-way and provide the 1:1 Naturopathic Coaching that you need to reach your goals.


Carissa brings melds life coaching with traditional and current evidence-based naturopathic and herbal medicine. She sees amazing inner peace, transformation and growth with this unique offering that allows for deep internal transformation encompassing your body, mind and soul.

Your individual protocol will incorporate herbal medicine, nutrition, lifestyle, mindset and self-mastery to bring about deep inner transformation.

You are unique, therefore your personalised program is bio-individual and created to uncover your own unique code, one that is not built on the latest fads or limitations, but enhances and encourages you to grow and live a healthy, inspired life.

From a physical perspective, in clinic Carissa's area of focus includes:

  • Women’s health - hormonal imbalances and menstrual irregularities

  • Hormone balancing - weight gain, fatigue, brain fog. skin conditions, insulin resistance, thyroid conditions, metabolic syndrome

  • Digestive concerns - digestive imbalances, food intolerances, irritable + inflammatory bowel conditions, IBS, SIBO, skin imbalances, liver and gallbladder support

  • Nervous system support - anxiety, sleep disorders and stress management


Carissa is a member of ATMS and is registered with most private health funds.


Why Holistic Health & Natural Medicine?

It can help with

Gut Health

Without good gut health we can be creating a space for dis-ease and ongoing health issues to take hold.


Our bowel is our elimination & digestion zone, alongside our liver (the powerhouse of digestion), without it working efficiently we hold on to toxins, excess hormones, cholesterol and bacterial dysbiosis.  


Hormone balancing includes good gut function, digestion and elimination.

Stress, Insomnia & Fatigue

Our non-stop modern lifestyle can place a heavy demand on our bodies, creating stress & leading to adrenal burnout, especially if we don't prioritise self-care and time-out and start doing the inner work. 

Insomnia, fatigue, anxiety & stress are signals from your body that change is needed.

Natural medicine with life coaching, nutrition and lifestyle changes WILL transform your life, but only if you are ready to do the work and make the changes needed.

Life Coaching

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

I am passionate about helping you uncover what is blocking you from making the changes you need to feel your best self.

I hold the space for you to activate that internal truth, work through your blocks & limitations and give you the tools to always have your own back. 

Hormone Health

Our endocrine system regulates our metabolism, is involved in digestion, plays a role in our growth and development as well as tissue function.

It is also involved in our sexual function, reproduction and sleep and mood, plus many more. 


So as you can see, a hormonal imbalance could easily happen to any of us.

It could be appearing for you as weight gain, PMS, peri-menopause symptoms, headaches & migraines, skin issues, fatigue, stress, adrenal burnout...the list goes on. 

Women's Health

Most woman don't know much about their bodies, and needlessly suffer through PMS, pain and discomfort, being told it is 'normal' or that the pill is the only option to fix it. 

Whether you are in your fertile years looking for support or heading into peri-menopause and menopause, natural medicine and lifestyle changes can totally change your experience through these life seasons.

General Wellbeing

Sometimes you aren't sure what you need, maybe you are in an acute season of your life that is unusually stressful and you want to prepare and support your body through it, or you may have an acute issue like a cold, a bout of insomnia due to a lifestyle change  or jet lag that won't go away, or you could just need a few things clarified to know what is right for YOU (not just the latest media fad).


With a few tweaks to nutrition and lifestyle we can get you back to feeling your best.


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Carissa is an online Naturopath, Nutritionist and Holistic Health & Life Coach. Her home base is Australia, however she works with clients all across the world.


Please refer to the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct for further information on terms of service or email the team via the contact form below or at for more information.

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