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Meet Carissa

No one told me there was another way to live life and be in business. They just kept saying the same things: find a niche, be consistent, do what the algorithm tells you, create a calendar, focus on one thing... it felt like I was on an uphill battle trying to be the things that didn't feel like me.

Until it didn't. Until I stopped listening to the things that didn't feel good, and stopped trying to be someone else, I couldn't hear what was coming from inside. I was then led me to the things that brought the parts of me that had been hidden by conditioning and trying to be someone else: the opportunities, the books, the people, the mentors and living life through the lens of me via Human Design and Gene Keys.

I finally understood what it felt like to live in energetic alignment, how to be myself and not what anyone else told me to be. I found answers that I had been looking for and guidance I had been seeking. It had always been within me, but I didn't have the key, the language or the map to show me the way.

Once that path was lit, nothing has been the same. Life feels liberating, exciting, joyful and alive, and it has come through deconditioning, contemplation and permission that only needs to comes from me; as I am lit up, so is my life and so is everyone who works with me.


How well do you know yourself?

If you have landed here that is probably because you are on a journey of self-uncovering, self-discovery and self-expression.

You have probably done a lot of work on yourself already; invested in coaches, mentors, courses, retreats, practitioners, whatever has been needed, but you are still finding yourself playing out the similar patterns, struggling to let go of old stories, beliefs and behaviours.

You are here because you are ready to live life in your truth, as your most authentic and liberated self.

It is time for you to uncover your magnificence.

Two Dried Leaves
Are you living your life in your fullest expression, or someone else's?

When you step into my world I hold the space for you to find who you are, not from the latest marketing or media trend. We uncover who you are through the lens of Human Design and Gene Keys; deconditioning, unlayering, rebuilding and remembering your true essence.


My world is a non-judgemental space built on a foundation of love, bold truth and radical self-honesty. I believe we are all worthy of being our truest self, but not everyone knows how.

My mission is for you to be who you are here to be, to learn how to feel comfortable in body, mind and soul. We do that with Human Design, Gene Keys, learning self-expression and autonomy and tapping into holistic wellness and health practices (I am also a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Mentor) to rewrite your stories and feel the joy and liberation of living in energetic alignment.

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