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Having good health is more than just a slim body!
It's your physical, mental and emotional health.
It's about who you are being, what you are thinking, saying, doing.
It's the version of you that you are always dreaming about being.
It's letting go of the 'someday' and 'tomorrow' and it is
being the whole-health-version of you today! 

I believe we live in a world that encourages us to seek answers outside of ourselves, and I believe that you have all of the answers you need within you - you just don't know how to access them, YET!



I am here to remind you of what lies within and to be your guide through the challenging parts as you create a whole-health, whole-self life that goes beyond just having a slim body.
And if you are the woman who wants to live a life that feels more passionate, more pleasure, more richness, more abundance of mind, body and soul so that every moment feels intentional and purposeful, you are in the right place.
And if those things feel like they are a little too far from where you are right now, I get it because that was me initially too; I have something a place for you to land too! 


Hi! I'm Carissa

I used to be scared of everything - worry was my middle name - life, love, work, my body, death. Name a fear and I had it.


I started studying lots of courses, learning ways to help others feel better, but I was so scared of leaving the safety of a full-time job that I stayed way longer than I needed to in a corporate job that made me miserable (you know the crying every day kind of miserable), and then one day the fear of staying in that life became more uncomfortable than the fear of the unknown.

So I lept.


Now I guide women through the realisation of their own fears, and I help them to become who they really want to be, by showing them that they already have everything they need to take action, to be more confident, to love their bodies, their minds and their life.

I want everyone to have the life they dream of as soon as possible, and sometimes (most times) having someone in your corner cheering you on, someone who has been feeling what you are and moved through it and now has the tools, the experience to hear and see you, is a really great person to have in your corner!

If this is you, and you are ready to learn new ways of being, feeling, thinking, embracing your health, mind-body-soul, I have a few ways of working with me. let's take you from fearful to fearless, to creating and living the life of your dreams, being the woman who knows how to have and hold it all!

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“Carissa is not only an incredible coach but an inspiration. Her knowledge incorporates not just mindset and mentorship but incorporates all aspects of health and wellness. What we put into our bodies truly does impact our mindset and mental health and from her naturopathy training, she incorporates this effortlessly. The HER Mentorship program provides a true holistic approach that provides you with support and guidance every day. I came into the program unaware of my body's response to stress and lacked an understanding of how my default patterns were impacting my life. I feel a greater understanding of the limitations I was placing on myself and have found a deeper connection to my body. My nervous system was not something I understood very well, and the one-on-one sessions allowed me to get into my body and release the negative energy and thoughts that we are often unaware of."

Bec, Sydney

Current Programs & Coaching

True health and wellbeing is about nurturing your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing to feel abundant in all areas of your life.

I believe that you are more than what you look like, and I also believe that when you do the inner work to and start being the version of yourself that you've always dreamed about - today, not someday - you radiate beauty from the inside-out!

That's why we're here to support you on your journey with a holistic approach - mind, body, soul.

Whether you want a personalied nutrition plan to balance hormones and improve your gut, skin and metabolism whilst also releasing weight, or you want to work on mindset mastery, nervous system regulation, self care practices or even deep dive into your inner world, there is a pathway here for you. 

Are you ready to let go of the "someday" and "tomorrow" mentality and embrace the vibrant, whole-health version of yourself today?

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