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Experience a full mind-body-soul exploration using Naturopathy, Nutrition & Life Coaching

Meet Carissa

Naturopath, Nutritionist + Holistic Health Coach

Carissa is a fully qualified Central Coast Naturopath, Nutritionist and Holistic Health Coach.

Carissa is committed to empowering clients by providing them with the education and support they need to enhance and improve their wellbeing, whilst holding the space for them to transform into their best version.

She does this via 1:1 Naturopathic medicine which includes packaged plans that incorporate her knowledge as a Holistic Health Coach and from her own personal journey experiences. She brings forth many years of personal growth and development alongside traditional and current evidence-based naturopathic and herbal medicine. Holding space for others in this unique offering allows for deep internal transformation that encompasses body, mind and soul.

In clinic Carissa uses evidence-based naturopathic and nutritional medicine, tapping into the latest scientific research with a healthy dose of traditional medicince and her intuition to treat holistically and individually.

She incorporates herbal medicine, nutrition, lifestyle, mindset and self-love mentorship to bring about positive change and transformation.

She believes that food is medicine and nature provides us with the most powerful resources to gently support the body back to optimal health and wellness.

Each person is unique, so Carissa works in a bio-individual space with clients to uncover their own unique code, one that is not built on the latest fads or limitations, but enhances and encourages each person to grow and live a healthy, inspired life.

In clinic our health focus includes:

  • Women’s health - hormonal imbalances and menstrual irregularities

  • Hormone balancing - weight gain, fatigue, brain fog. skin conditions, insulin resistance, thyroid conditions, metabolic syndrome

  • Digestive concerns - digestive imbalances, food intolerances, irritable + inflammatory bowel conditions, skin imbalances, liver and gallbladder support

  • Nervous system support - anxiety, sleep disorders and stress management

  • Immune system deficiencies - allergies, chronic colds and recurring infection


Carissa is a member of ATMS and is registered with most private health funds.


Why Holistic Health & Natural Medicine?

It can help with

Gut Health

Without good gut health we can be holding onto toxins and excess hormones in the body that would normally be naturally excreted. Hormone balancing includes good gut function, digestion and elimination.

Stress, Insomnia & Fatigue

Our non-stop modern lifestyle can place a heavy demand on our bodies, creating stress & adrenal burnout, especially if we don't prioritise self-care and time-out. 

Insomnia, fatigue & stress are signals from your body that change is needed.


The liver is your body's natural detoxification system, this includes environmental toxins & hormones! We want a fully functioning liver to reduce overload & stress on the body.

Weight Loss

It's not just about food. Your hormones could be creating an environment that holds onto excess weight.


We work on balancing your hormones with natural health alongside lifestyle, mindset and nutrition.

Hormone Health

If you have hormonal imbalance it could be appearing as weight gain, PMS, headaches & migraines, skin issues, fatigue, stress, adrenal burnout...the list goes on. Let's talk.

General Wellbeing

Sometimes we just need a boost or you may have an acute issue like a cold, onset insomnia due to a lifestyle change or you just need a few things clarified.


With a few tweaks we can get you back to feeling your best.


Contact Us

Carissa is an online Naturopath, Nutritionist and Life Coach. My home base is Australia, however I do work with clients all across the world. Please refer to my Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct for further information on terms of service or email the team via the contact form below or at for more information.

If you are ready to book a session you can do that online here


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