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Who will you be in 1 year?

Who will you be in a years time?

It's almost a comical question right now, right? Who the heck knows where we will be as a collective of humans on this earth and what that looks like in 6-months, let alone a year. I know I certainly have hopes for us, but still, none of us know what life is going to look like yet.....

But I want to talk about YOU.

Who will YOU be in a years time, within yourself?

And more importantly, let's get clear about what it is you want to feel MORE of within yourself!

Do you want to have more:

Confidence in yourself and your ability to care for yourself, and also follow through on your dreams?

Inner strength that includes stronger inner emotional strength, mental health strength, physical strength?

Ability to speak your truth regardless of your discomfort? And not abandoning yourself when someone disagrees with you or has more strength in their voice and point of view.

Comfort in uncomfortable situations and conversations? So you can be vulnerable and create deeper connections with those you love, or even with yourself as you get radically clear about your personal responsibilities and actions.

Showing up every day for yourself with more compassion and ease? So that when you fall down you get back up again, and it stops being about how many times you fell, fall, failed, and more about how much you are strengthening yourself and your ability to show up for yourself no matter what.

Self-trust? Because you alway follow-through on your desires with ease because you know you have got your own back and you know you do what you say?

The list could go on. What you want to be, and feel, is unique to you, but also, a lot of this is what we are all dealing with in one way or another.

When you allow yourself to make mistakes as you experiment to find the perfect recipe, ingredients and formula that works for you, you peel back those layers of conditioning, limiting beliefs, protective habits and behaviours and survival thought patterns that have been keeping you stuck, looping or in perfectionist anxiety that never takes the plunge to find out!

This process of becoming who I want to be is something I am deeply passionate about, and something I have a lot of experience with in my own life, but also with my clients.

Recently I added to my practitioner toolkit with a new modality called Root Cause Therapy, and it has created the most amazing shifts within myself (I have had many sessions on myself), and for those I have started working with.

Root Cause Therapy (RCT) is a trauma healing method that allows the completion and release of unprocessed emotions that are are connected to unwanted thoughts, negative behaviours and repetitive choices that are keeping you stuck.

RCT allows you to see what limiting beliefs you are holding in your body to have a deeper understanding of why you do what you do, and why you think/feel how you do, and then we get to release the unwanted patterns consciously.

You are always in the drivers seat, and assumptions and ‘theories’ about what is 'wrong' with you are irrelevant and unnecessary as RCT uses advanced ways of testing to discover the actual causation of the currently presenting unease within you.

All of this is done by tapping into the self-healing mechanisms that you have within the deeper parts of your mind, in a safe and empowering container, whilst you are still conscious and awake.

It's gentle and yet so powerful!

I have two offers for you:

1. An introductory offer of 3 sessions for $450 (this is limited and won't last much longer at this price) - jump on that offer by clicking HERE

2. Join The self-reclamation project: an 8-week container with 6 x 90-minute sessions over 8 weeks (2 integration weeks are included), where you get focused 1:1 support that includes Naturopathy, Root Cause Therapy, Human Design, Mindset mentoring and much more. I tailor each session to your self-reclamation goal. This work is powerful, and because of that I am only taking on 5 people at a time.

You can find out more here on the website, including the link for the application:


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